Maximum transparency of all energy flows

The SCHULZ Control Centre makes energy efficiency visible in detail.

The issue of energy supply has become essential for businesses and private households, and not just since the war in Ukraine. The climate crisis is also taking its toll. For manufacturing companies in particular, efficient, sustainable energy concepts have become an essential part of their survival strategy.

Two years ago, we developed the SCHULZ Control Centre (SCC) energy management system for the central recording of all energy flows between suppliers, storage facilities and consumers. The SCC determines and records down to the smallest appliance measuring point exactly how much energy is consumed, when, where and by what, but also how much is produced or has to be purchased. This allows not only the energy self-sufficiency level of a company to be calculated and documented, but also the ecological footprint of an individual end product or anomalies in consumption during production. System defects or the need for maintenance work can thus be recognised at an early stage.

“The advantage for our customers is that the system works via an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Edge Device,” explained Daniel Magin, Head of Software Development at our branch in Frankfurt am Main. “This means that updates are carried out automatically; analogue support is no longer necessary. In the event of malfunctions or defects, the hardware is easy to replace.” The data remains with the customer until it is analysed and is then transferred to the SCHULZ Cloud, where our service can also view and access it. “What is unique about the SCC is that it can be connected directly to our productionstar┬« process control system. This means that the energy efficiency of each system component can be viewed at any time. But also suppliers that are already available to the customer, such as PV or wind power plants or e-charging stations, can also be easily docked,” said the software specialist. “We can – but don’t have to – supply the entire energy infrastructure from a single source. This means that a transversal path is also possible with us.”

The connection of the SCC to our web-based control system for biogas plants is currently under development. Because, here too, control over energy flows and a verifiable ecological footprint are a high added value for operators.

What is unique about the SCC is that it can be connected directly to our productionstar® process control system. This makes the energy efficiency of each system component visible at all times.

Daniel Magin, Head of Software Development

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