Barcode and QR code reading

with secure data handling

Powerful detection technology for new requirements in automotive engineering

The automotive industry is now also benefiting from a proven technology from the beverage industry. Automobile manufacturers use industrial barcode technology for precise control in many places. The Mercedes-Benz plant in Bremen is no exception. Labels affixed to the car bodies are scanned during ongoing production, automatically triggering the correct assembly programmes depending on the processing station.

Challenge: The control technology was previously purely PLC-based. With an increasing number of variants and extended requirements, this technique proved to be too limited. We have therefore adapted our similar system developed for the beverage industry specifically to the requirements of Mercedes-Benz AG. Based on an industrial PC, it is faster and more flexible.

In order to achieve maximum operational reliability, we have designed the system to be completely redundant, i. e. camera, PC and sensor technology are duplicated. In addition, the systems check each other and take over if necessary. A decisive advantage over the old technology is traceability. Every process is precisely logged and archived.

The new system can not only do more, it is much more compact and ultimately cheaper.

Helge Assmuss, Head of Department Industrial Automation SCHULZ Bremen

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