High-tech for coastal protection

Control of the barrage technology and accommodation of the technical infrastructure

It is located directly before the confluence with the Elbe in the course of the dike, protects against flooding and regulates the water level – the Wedeler Au barrage. “The construction work required for the basic refurbishment was carried out in several stages,” reports Maik Becker, sales representative at our Bremen site. “We received the order from the Ludwig Freytag group of companies, which was appointed as general contractor by the state of Schleswig-Holstein.”

In principle, it was a matter of controlling the barrage technology to be renewed, such as the caulking gates, dam flap, ice flap, etc., and of accommodating the technical infrastructure required for this in the new operations building. An air bubble system also ensures that the caulking gates can be moved even in the coldest temperatures. It is also used to free them from debris. “Our software developers implemented the automation with the AQASYS process control system, which is common in the water industry,” says Becker. All processes can not only be controlled in the technical building, but can also be monitored from anywhere via any internet browser, tablet or smartphone app.

In addition to the overall planning and implementation of the project, we also took over the software development for the control system and the process control system and implemented the emergency power supply so that operation can be carried out safely even in the event of power failures or voltage fluctuations. We also supply the battery-operated UPS system with a solar system installed by us. The switchgear construction was carried out by our colleagues from Visbek and Dobersch├╝tz, and the assembly of the technical building equipment was done by our Hamburg team.

The barrage is now state of the art again and its task secured for many years to come. Our client is correspondingly satisfied: “We enjoy working with SCHULZ Systemtechnik on challenging coastal protection and water management projects. Technical success is always in the foreground, so that we always achieve the overriding goals of dyke safety and water drainage together to the satisfaction of the end customer,” says Heiko Velbinger, project manager at Ludwig Freytag.

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