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Companies that generate the electricity on their own company roof benefit several times over: You reduce operating costs and make yourself less dependent on the energy market.

This was one reason why the company Heller-Leder from the Weserbergland region commissioned 1Punk5, a member of the SCHULZ Group, to install a photovoltaic system and our colleagues from Wallenhorst to renew the necessary energy technology.

“With our concept, we were able to convince the manufacturer of the finest leather hides directly,” says project manager Christian Arnke. “Not only in terms of price, but also because of the avoidance of supply bottlenecks due to the current difficult procurement situation.” Specifically, we supplied a walk-in transfer station with transformer. It is the link and separator between the public medium-voltage grid and the company’s own power grid, while the transformer takes over the voltage conversion between the grids.

Thereby, the difference in tension on site is something special. The public medium-voltage grid of the regional energy supplier is 30,000 volts. Ten kilovolts, sometimes 20 kilovolts, are common in most grids. “This voltage level places different demands on the technology,” says Arnke.

Our Wallenhorst branch specialises in this, covering the entire spectrum of energy technology. From early summer, customers will be able to benefit from the new technology. He also thought about the future. “We will also prepare the transformer station for e-charging technology,” says the project manager. “It lends itself to that because it’s right in the company car park.”

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