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Ideal barn equipment for the rearing of organic laying hens

The producer association Biofürstenhof is one of the largest producers of organic eggs in Germany and, among other things, one of the pioneers in the rearing and marketing of brother cockerels.

Since the merger of six organic family farms in 2003, the community has grown to over 20 farms. Today, in addition to organically produced eggs, potatoes and apple juice, meat as well as pullets and day-old chicks from organic farming are offered here.

Our task was to modernise several existing rearing houses and thus significantly improve the housing conditions for pullets. By using modern rearing aviaries with height-adjustable platforms, the birds learn, for example, to jump from different levels from day one and can fully exploit their genetic potential. They are more productive and require less feed, which leads to less feed cultivation area and thus less CO2 consumption per egg.

In addition, the uniformities of the flocks are improved so that they can be ideally managed in the laying start as a result. “For us, another decisive point was that the work for our colleagues was improved around animal control and especially during needle vaccinations and stabling,” says Annalina Behrens from Biofürstenhof. So all in all, healthy, well-developed pullets and more for the environment and employees.

For our sales representative Uwe Cramer, this was a nice project, albeit with small challenges. “Due to the very dynamic development of the Biofürstenhof, time and construction plans have changed again and again, so that we often had to react at short notice. But we made it work. And so well that the Behrens family was more than satisfied,” says Cramer.

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