Perfectly networked and illuminated

High demands at the Bundeswehr Command and Staff College

Powerful network infrastructure for high IT standards

The Elbe suburbs are famous for Hamburg, especially Blankenese. Here you will not only find villas and the famous Treppenviertel, but also the Clausewitz Barracks, a gigantic military site – a city within a city, so to speak – which has functioned as a command academy for the German armed forces since the 1950s. It is the highest military training school for officers and generals in Germany. Around 600 top personnel are regularly prepared here for their tasks in the armed forces, NATO, the European Union and the United Nations.

The park-like grounds are home to a variety of different building complexes – some modern and newly built, others with a stately character from the last century and in need of major renovation. Also a sports hall, swimming pool and tennis courts.

One of the representative old buildings is the “Villa Plaut”, the oldest building on the grounds and now the barracks’ administrative building. The listed building was getting on in years and needed to be renovated. All construction measures therefore had to be carried out in coordination with the Hamburg Cultural Authority.

As part of the refurbishment measures, the network infrastructure was also renewed and a particularly high-quality pendant lighting system was installed, in keeping with the character of the villa. Both were taken over by our location in Hamburg. “In addition to the careful handling of the structural substance from 1896, the high IT standards of the Bundeswehr were also a challenge in this project.

Our site managers compiled a guidelines manual of around 100 pages before we could start planning,” says Christian Liebelt, project manager in Hamburg. “However, we benefited from the fact that we had already been allowed to carry out several orders for the German Armed Forces, so we were familiar with a lot of the content and specifications,” he explains further.

For example, with the high safety regulations on site. No one is allowed on the premises without registration and verification. “But we are happy to accept that, too, and it has become a matter of course for us. After all, it ultimately serves everyone’s safety,” Liebelt concludes.

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