Watering and feeding systems

The intelligent solution for your Animal husbandry

Feeding and watering: How to optimally care for your animals

Feeding and watering are among the most important daily tasks as a farmer. Our watering and feeding systems provide optimal control between water demand and consumption and can be controlled centrally and smartly. With us, you can choose from an extensive product range that always focuses on the best possible care for your animals.

Drag chains, matrix feeding or silo and transport systems – together we will find the solution that suits your farming and your animals.

Feeding systems: More efficiency for your Agriculture

In animal husbandry, an optimal supply of feed is an important prerequisite for animal welfare, animal health and thus also for a good operating result. To coordinate all functions in the best possible way, we rely on intelligent control computers for your processes. Through automation, you benefit from significantly more efficient management, reduce costs and save time.

Our know-how in detail

  • Intelligent management, individual feeding technology
  • Multi-phase feeding
  • Controlled feed and water intake according to rations
  • Interaction with other management functions
  • Container for mixing and weighing
  • Feeding bowls
  • Silo and feed conveyor systems
  • Matrix feeding
  • Drag chain
  • Dry feeding
  • VoluMeter Feeding systems
  • Batch mixer

Watering technology: Automatic water supply

Take advantage of the clear benefits of automation and also have the watering technology regulated centrally via our control computers. No matter what types of animals you keep – our innovative solutions meet a wide range of requirements.

In poultry floor husbandry, for example, there is an urgent need for control between water consumption and demand.

If you keep pigs, it is important to consider the differences in sow management, piglet rearing and fattening.

Our know-how in detail

  • Nipple drinkers
  • Bowl drinkers
  • Mother-calf-drinker
  • Aqua-Level
  • Round drinkers

Benefit from our distinctive know-how in drinking and feeding systems and optimise your farm with our coordinated systems for optimal feed and drinking water supply. Request an initial consultation today!


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