Process control technology in chemical plants

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In no other industry are reliable measurements and a precise control sequence as important as in the chemical industry. We control production processes from charging through to dosing and reactor processes with pinpoint accuracy and without friction losses, thus guaranteeing fully automatic process control – in addition, for installation in dust explosion areas and the production of protected switching systems according to ATEX standards.

Moreover, the process control technology in chemical plants must always be adaptable and adjust to changing conditions in the shortest possible time in order to minimise production downtimes. Our process control system for chemical plants fulfils precisely these requirements with flying colours.

We permanently optimise your production

The SCHULZ productionstar® continuously provides key business figures and enables permanent optimisation of production – even in real time. No wishes remain unfulfilled in terms of sustainability either. We connect process data and energy consumption.

In this way, we not only ensure optimal energy use in production, but even systematically reduce the consumption of unnecessary energy costs. Also, the modular system architecture allows for extensions and changes at any time. This allows the adaptation to changing conditions in the shortest possible time. But we do even more with our process control technology in chemical plants.

Overview of our services for the chemical industry

We take care of planning, engineering and project development for you. We also offer a wide range of other solutions:

  • Modular designed process control system in chemical plants – for individual systems and overall production
  • Innovative visualisation concepts
  • Continuous automation technology
  • Construction of process plants and tank farms
  • Dosing, mixing and weighing processes for solids and liquids
  • Micro-component handling
  • ntegration of warehouse management systems
  • Connection to ERP systems
  • Continuous digitalisation of processes according to Industry 4.0
  • Fully automatic process control
  • Installation and configuration in explosion hazard dust zones and production of protected switchgearaccording to ATEX standards

Another focus of our expertise is safe production.


We ensure plant safety in the petrochemical sector

When handling gases and explosive substances, the highest safety regulations must be observed. We have specialised in works such as process technological plants and explosion hazard zones.

Our focus: Installation and configuration of electrical equipment for the transport of liquid and gaseous material. All services are provided by our own highly qualified staff. In addition, we also provide fittings technology and sliding mechanism for the transport of gases and liquids. We also offer in detail:

  • Planning, installation and maintenance of explosion hazardous plants (ex-plants)
  • Electrical equipment for explosion hazardous plants
  • Measuring, control and regulation technology with inherently safe sensors and actuators for natural gas, petroleum and petrochemicals
  • Planning, installation and maintenance of fittings technology and sliding technology for the transport of liquid and gaseous material
  • Planning, programming and visualisation of process control systems including network technology
  • CAD-assisted preparation of documentation in EPLAN, AutoCAD, ELCAD, Promis, E³
  • TÜV-trained, mining-authority appointed personnel
  • Extensive storage provision of products for explosion hazardous areas
  • 24-hour service

The latest process control technology in chemical plants for more safety and productivity

Flexibility, precision, safety and more efficient production – and all automated from a single source. This is what we can offer you with our process control technology in chemical plants.

So don’t hesitate to contact us to find the best solution for your chemical company. By the way, we can also optimise your production in the pharma sector. Simply benefit from our expertise.


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