Metal processing

With us you save operating costs permanently


Take advantage of our expertise and the possibilities of automation and new technologies to permanently reduce your costs in metal processing and simply manufacture more effectively.

We ensure this with our innovative solutions for electrical engineering as well as our heat recovery systems in metal production, which we build to fit your needs.

We automate metal processing – including maximum resource efficiency

If you produce and process metal or manufacture metal products, we take care of the electrotechnical control of the machines as well as the implementation and integration of process control systems and other automation tasks.

Furthermore, we implement heat recovery systems for your company. This is because the production and processing of metals, such as steel, aluminium or stainless steel, generates a great deal of process heat that can be put to good use, for example to heat the building complex.


Use production energy effectively in metal processing with us

For example, laser cutting, welding, drilling and milling plants generate a lot of waste heat. But many other processes in metalworking also generate heat. Heat that you can recover and use effectively – for heating, for example.

Our solutions can even heat entire building complexes. Not only can you contribute significantly to the environment, but above all reduce greatly your operating costs – and this is permanent.

We take care of the entire process, from delivery through to control and cabling and visualisation during plant engineering. We implement the exact regulation of the heat flow over the entire system.

A modern visualisation system ensures the comfortable and intuitive operation. It clearly displays the entire company premises with its many buildings and enables effective control and regulation of heating, lighting and smoke flaps.

If desired, the heat treatment system can also work together with the conventional gas heating system. For a large part of the year, the recovered heat is sufficient for heating.

Together we optimise manufacturing and energy efficiency in metal processing

We provide the complete electrical engineering for metal production for metalworkers and take care of the automation in the production area. This includes both machine control and the effective use of process control systems. In addition, we build heat recovery systems for capturing the heat and make it usable again.

An investment that pays for itself so quickly – not only through the significant reduction in operating costs, but also through the positive impact on the environment, which benefits your company’s image in the long term. But we also develop innovative solutions in the field of renewable energies for your company for charging infrastructure, battery storage systems or photovoltaics.

The best thing to do is to contact us today. Together, we optimise the energy potential of your company.


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