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How you can use smart technologies efficiently for the benefit of people, animals and the environment

SCHULZ Systemtechnik has been driving forward the automation of agriculture for decades. This is also the reason why today we can implement automated barn systems specifically tailored to your needs.

For agricultural businesses, we offer customised and complete solutions: from conception to realisation to service. In doing so, we use state-of-the-art technologies and always develop solutions with a view to the well-being of humans, animals and the environment.

However, cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency are just as important. The balance must be right. Our focus in the automation of agriculture is professional animal farming.

The barn management system of the future: AgriFarmControl

Gone are the days when you had to operate a separate controller for each stall unit. With AgriFarmControl we combine all control technologies in one central system. All necessary parameters are optimally coordinated with each other.

We take into account both the respective age of the animals and the current environmental influences. This allows you to achieve optimal husbandry conditions and yields. This even works when the farmer is not available – completely autonomously.

Always flexible with our modules

Thanks to our module updates, we can integrate new legal regulations or extensions into the existing barn system at any time – and without a new investment. With our barn management system, we create a perfect link between the requirements of modern animal farming and the advantages of automation in agriculture.

Just like a modular system, AgriFarmControl will be equipped with various software modules. These include the following applications:

  • AgriCool
  • AgriEnergy
  • AgriFeed
  • AgriSun
  • AgriVent
  • AgriWeight

Individual modules can be customised and expanded at any time – perfectly in line with your needs.

Simple operation with touch system

Our modules are designed to be easy to use at all times. The entire system is located on only one touch panel.

This user interface is – regardless of the animal species – child’s play to operate. In addition, intuitive symbolism ensures guaranteed simple modular control – even via mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Future-proof set-up

Whatever happens, whatever changes – your system remains the same and is still always up to date. The following features ensure this:

  • Intuitive user interface
  • All data can be retrieved at any time, regardless of the location
  • Intelligent preparation and transparent planning by analysing, processing, evaluating and optimising existing operating data
  • Modular systems with standard products and upgradeable expansion modules
  • High innovative strength through industry diversity and strong manpower
  • Continuous further development and regular updates of the modules
  • Operation via mobile devices possible

Our high-performance standard hardware will continue to provide the necessary intelligence for the ever-advancing automation in agriculture tomorrow. This makes you more than ready for the challenges of the future.

This is how our barn management system convinces

With AgriFarmControl you benefit from numerous advantages:

  • Greater profitability due to the time saved
  • Better conditions for animals and staff in the animal housing facilities
  • Up to 20% energy costs savings
  • Integrated energy management will allow you to reduce power peaks, increase self-consumption, and minimise service and maintenance costs
  • Enhanced animal welfare through improved air and barn quality and thus increased growth rates
  • Cost-optimised resource planning
  • Investment safety

SCHULZ Systemtechnik takes your agricultural operation to the next level. But we are going one step further.

Reduce costs further with AgriManagement

An ideal complement to AgriFarmControl is AgriManagement – a higher-level management software. It allows you to record all data, even from several AgriFarmControl systems, for their evaluation in a targeted manner. On the basis of the measurements determined, excellent parameters for barn management are then identified.

Integrating upstream and downstream process steps is also possible. Manufacturers and processors can thus benefit from better planning and faster response ability resulting in significant cost reductions. Farmers will also profit from this when making purchases.

Use automation in agriculture now

In addition to professional poultry farming, pig farming and cattle farming, we are also active in the feed industry, the meat processing industry and in handling and logistics companies in the sector. In addition, there is the specialist area of biogas for the production of renewable energy.

In this comprehensive field, we solve tasks in the field of automation in agriculture automation on a daily basis. Are you at home in the agricultural business? Then you can benefit from end-to-end solutions within the entire value chain and achieve many cost advantages through synergies. Take us at our word and contact us today.


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